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The catlady lawyers battle to stop canines from entering the feline-only pet store/mecca of CatSmartCo. These gay Catladies are convinced the Constitution is on their side.  Kitty cats don't have to do business with dirty dogs because it's a violation of their civil rights...and it's freaking unnatural.  The NÜTER-ing Movement (No Ündermining of True Equal Rights) Movement has begun.    
This musical is a low-tech farce with flinging toy felines, spears made from broomsticks, helmets with ears on top, and lots of cat paraphernalia. It contains offensive language and sexual innuendo, and should not be seen or heard by virgin eyes or ears. Embrace the absurd -- acapella style.
 The Catladies Lawyer Cast: 
Stella Woo – Frazzled fireball, catlady attorney who represents CatSmartCo in the civil rights action to keep the dogs out.  She is a voluptuous bisexual, biracial, bipolar Asian Jew who has overcome poverty. She has a clear chip on her shoulder concerning affirmative action and is prejudiced against dogs. Stella is single-minded, sexy, and battle-ready like a Valkyrie.

Fran (Née Dan) O’Neil – Catlady attorney, formerly catgentleman, newly lesbian, who is aware of and amused by the court action.  She dated Stella in law school but  Stella does not seem to remember.

Grey De Chavez (mispronounced Grey D. Chaver) – Catladygentleman, legal journalist (b”law”gger), and Violet’s hated cousin, who supports the movement.

Violet Voilet - Stella's adversary. She may be snotty but she is a gifted lawyer.